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Privacy Policy

  • If you sign up as a leader, you guarantee, that any other people you sign up, agree to this privacy policy.
  • Organizers of BOI 2023 can view and edit all submitted data. We will not give unnecessary access to the data.
  • Chosen names, countries, roles, participation in the event and contestant results will be considered public information and may be kept online.
  • Submitted data may be shared with third parties, but unnecessary data will not be shared. We will share data with practical partners such as the hotel and manufacturers of merchandise.
  • Leaders are allowed to view and edit all data for other participants of their country.
  • Data may be kept until the 30th of June 2023.
  • We may send you emails in case of practical matters.
  • We may send you surveys about your experience by email after the event.
  • Data collected on gender will be used for partitioning participants into hotel rooms, but will not otherwise be shared publicly.

You can send an email to in case of requests regarding your data.

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